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Superboat UnlimitedThe New Tees and uniforms are in production. The Platinum however is still an enigma.

Stotler’s team, Herb, Levi and Brady are on her now. We have all the pieces to the puzzle. Herb has done such a phenomenal job engineering and dialing in these Turbos with a meager budget. I wish I could provide him more funding and am very appreciative of all his efforts.  I couldn’t be in better hands.

Stotler Racing & Custom Marine
The Best!

Serious poker runners are going to be all over Herb once they see the performance vs expense and maintenance. Stotler’s power units are an all round bargain in the world of exotic marine propulsion.

More power, more torque, less maintenance, less octane, fewer rebuilds. Stotler Turbo.


2015 Jumpsuits

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